Our plant for the preparation and distribution of seafood and fish is located in the Industrial Estate of Poligono de San Antolin in Palencia (Spain). The installations of the over 5000 m2 premises include different sections so that the processes of reception, treatment, conservation, production, packaging and sale of our products can be carried out in an optimum way. In addition, we recently acquired a new piece of land on the same industrial estate where we have installed a freezer unit which is already functioning efficiently. In 2004 we updated all our installations, making us one of the most outstanding companies in Spain in the seafood and fish sector. Our state-of-the-art machinery guarantees the excellent quality of both our products and processes.


Seafood nurseries

We have eight salt water pools where we keep all types of live seafood: lobsters, crabs… This ensures that the seafood conserves its natural properties and reaches our buyers in perfect condition.

These installations allow us to guarantee our customers the availability of live seafood throughout the year.


Octopus and seafood boiler roomviveros-merimar-cocederos-pulpo-marisco

The Cooking Area is made up of several large cooking pots which enable us to cook in a traditional way and obtain a high quality product with a soft texture and an intense flavour.

We must stress here that the cooking process is completely natural, ONLY WATER, SALT AND BAY LEAVES. No types of additives or preservatives are used.


Refrigeration and freezer unitsviveros-merimar-congeladores

Our storerooms are prepared so as to be able to keep each product in its ideal preservation conditions. In Viveros Merimar we have different storerooms for frozen products and refrigerated products on the actual premises.

We recently added an already fully operating freezer unit with a storage capacity of two million kilos.



Tasting room

Our installations include a modern Tasting Room where we hold very popular  gastronomic and food tasting events.

Viveros Merimar Sala DegustacionesSala de Degustacion Viveros MerimarViveros Merimar Sala de Degustaciones








The adminstration activities which take place in the company offices include the following departments: Commercial, Finance, Quality, Marketing, Sales and Export.

Viveros Merimar pescados y mariscos Oficinas PalenciaViveros Merimar pescados y mariscos Oficinas PalenciaViveros Merimar Oficinas Palencia