Welcome to Viveros Merimar S.L. (Ltd.co.). As producers and distributors of seafood, fish and frozen foods, we have designed this web site to introduce ourselves as a dynamic and internationally growing company and provide all the information you may need.



Viveros Merimar has been working for decades in the fish and seafood sector to enable you to consume sea products of the highest quality and best prices in your homes. The company workforce is made up of correctly trained professionals and experts in the world of seafood and fish.


Our octopus, fish and seafood production and distribution plant, located in the Industrial Estate ´Poligono San Antolín` in the city of Palencia (Spain) has fresh products delivered every day from the principal fishing grounds and fish markets of Spain.


In Viveros Merimar we can proudly claim to be leaders in both Spain and Europe in the commercialisation of cooked octopus, which we distribute under the brand name “Meripul”.

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Our brand of cooked octopus Meripul was established almost a decade ago when Viveros Merimar decided to carry out intensive studies in order to promote the product. In spite of being one of the newest ´COCEDEROS`¸ we are already among the leaders in the sector of cooked octopus. Our octopus comes from one of the principal fish farms of Morroco, Dakhla. Examine the section listing Meripul products to discover the enormous range of cooked octopus products we have to offer.


Viveros Marimar products and in particular the Meripul cooked octopus, are already well known in many countries. In 2006 we began to expand abroad, participating in various international trade shows. We already export to a dozen other countries such as Belgium¸ France¸ Germany¸ Greece¸ Italy¸ Portugal and to various Asian countries where we are presently vigorously promoting our products.

We hope that our web site will help you to get to know both our seafood nursery and octopus and fish preparation and distribution plant. Explore all our sections and familiarise yourself with our products. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us!