Lobster from Morocco (panulirus Gracilis)

These lobsters come from Morocco and they  are Extra Quality. They are frozen alive, so they keep all their nutritional values intact. langosta





Panulirus Gracilis
Hometown: Morocco
200-250 g.
250-300 g.
300-400 g.
400-500 g.
500-600 g.
600-800 g.
800-1 Kg.

They are also available boiled and frozen:








Lobster from Mauritania (Palinurus Mauritanicus)

langostamauritaniaIn Mauritania it is fished one of the best lobster in the world. That is the lobster we work with at Viveros Merimar, available alive, frozen or boiled.






Individually wrapped, this lobster is sold in 10kg. boxes. If alive, they are packed in special cartons, so they can stay alive for 36 hours.


Palinurus Mauritanicus
Hometown: Mauritania
600 g. – 1 kg.

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