Our Boiled Octopus

Boiled Octopus

Pulpo cocido entero Merimar

Our Boiled Octopus comes from the waters of Dakhla in Morocco, as all octopus boiled in Viveros Merimar. Our source ensures that it is an octopus of the highest standard available on the market, the Japanese Extra Quality.

The addition of our traditional boiling method, using only water, salt and bay leaf, to the finest quality octopus allows us to obtain an excellent boiled octopus. The Meripul Boiled Octopus is boiled without additives or preservatives… A 100% natural Boiled Octopus which is available in different sizes depending on its weight:

 Pulpo cocido entero Merimar

Boiled Octopus (Whole)

+ 2,5 kg.

1,8 – 2,5 kg.

1 – 1,5 kg.

600 – 900 g.

300 – 500 g.

Pulpo cocido mitad Merimar


Boiled Octopus (Half)

Our Boiled Octopus is available both as Whole or Half.

Product page: Viveros Merimar Boiled Octopus (Whole)

Boiled Octopus (Chopped)

Our Viveros Merimar Chopped Boiled Octopus is extracted from the waters of Dakhla in Morocco, using the traditional method of pot fishing. Thus, in addition to caring for this Japanese Extra Quality octopus, we help preserve the marine environment.

At Viveros Merimar we have developed different presentations for our boiled octopus, among which is the Chopped Boiled Octopus. The chopped octopus is a ready to eat product thanks to its previous cooking in our facilities. Our Chopped Boiled Octopus can be found in different formats, depending on the diameter of the piece of octopus and the weight of the tray.

You can find the Meripul Chopped Boiled Octopus in different sizes:

Pulpo cocido troceado Merimar

Chopped Boiled Octopus

Small Size

Medium Size

Large Size

Pulpo cocido troceado medallón Merimar

Chopped Boiled Octopus – Medallion

This special format of Chopped Boiled Octopus has a larger diameter than the rest of the Meripul Chopped Boiled Octopus sizes.


Brocheta Medallón Pulpo Cocido Meripul


Medallion Skewer Boiled Octopus

One of the seasonal products we produce in Viveros Merimar us the BoiledOctopus Medallion skewer, an ideal complement to any barbecue.

Product Page: Merimar Chopped Boiled Octopus


Boiled Octopus Legs

Our Merimar Boiled Octopus Legs are part of the specimens of Octopus Vulgaris selected first hand by our experts. The size of the octopus determines the weight of its legs. Based on the characteristics of the legs, we offer different packages in Meripul of Merimar Boiled Octopus Legs , ranging from 300 gr to 550 gr.

You can find the Merimar Boiled Octopus Legs in different formats:

Giant Leg Fat Leg
1 Leg of boiled octopus (550 g.) 3 Legs of boiled octopus(300 g.)
Pulpo cocido pata gigante Pata pulpo cocido gorda Merimar


More formats of Boiled Octopus Legs


Carpaccio de pulpo cocido

Boiled Octopus Carpaccio

Find more about our Gourmet product, the Boiled Octopus Carpaccio.

Product page: Boiled Octopus Carpaccio


Our Raw and Processed Octopus 

Pulpo crudo


Once the fishermen take the octopus to the shore, our experts select the best specimens and take them to our freezing stores in Morocco, where it is frozen so it loses none of its properties nor its exceptional quality. Thus, the octopus reaches our facilities in Palencia, from which we distribute it as it comes from the fishing grounds, in “taco” format (T0 to T3) and “plate” format (T3 to T8).

In addition, we also prepare processed octopus and we distribute it in trays ranging from 700 grams to more than 4 kilograms.

Raw Octopus
Hometown: Dakhla (Marruecos)
Quality Japan First
T0 Format: Taco
T3 Taco / Tray
T4 Format: Tray
Boiled Octopus
Hometown: Dakhla (Morocco)
Quality Japan First
+ 4 kg.
3 – 4 kg.
2 – 3 kg.
1 – 2 kg.
700 g. – 1 kg.












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