Logo Meripul pulpo cocidoWe created the Meripul brand almost ten years ago at Viveros Merimar for our flagship product, boiled octopus, in which we specialize. Our efforts have led us leaders in Europe at the market of boiled octopus, a reward for which we are truly proud.



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The octopus we work with in Viveros Merimar that bears the signature of our Meripul brand is the Octopus Vulgaris from Dakhla (Morocco), an area traditionally considered by the seafood industry experts, as the place where the highest quality octopus from the market is obtained.

The capture of the Meripul octopus is done through traditional methods, using fishing pods that help preserve the seabed and under strict quality controls from the time when the octopus is caught until it reaches the point of sale.

Local experts select the best octopus extracted from the waters of Dakhla and immediately freeze them, effectively preserving all and each of their qualities and nutritional properties. It is then when we transport the frozen octopus to our facilities, where it is thawed slowly and naturally, manually cleaned piece by piece, boiled the traditional way- only with salt, bay leaf and water- and Deep-frozen before it is commercialized.

The octopus boiling process is not a simple task. We have to control with special care the times and temperatures, especially when, as in our case, the cooking is done in an absolutely traditional way, without any additives or preservatives. We always count on the advice and process control of our Quality Department, which has enabled us to achieve an excellent, tasty and natural boiled octopus.

We make available to our distributors different formats, weights and carvings to cover all the possible needs of the end consumer.

Our boiled octopus is marketed under the Meripul brand and is available in more than 80% of the spanish supermarkets, but we also distribute our products to fishmongers and restaurants. The exceptional quality of our octopus and our experience in the cooking process has allowed us to become the leading brand of boiled octopus in Spain.

In addition, our pasteurization process gives our products a much longer life without losing any of its properties, so the Meripul boiled octopus can reach the end consumer anywhere in the world in perfect condition for its consumption.

Depending on the processing method used on the product, the boiled octopus can have a different lifespan:

Octopus Boiled fresh Natural: 6 days of lifespan.Meripul Banda Dorada Alimentos de Palencia

Octopus Boiled in fresh Natural Atmosphere: 6 days of lifespan.

Natural Pasteurized Cooked Octopus: 30 days of lifespan.

Natural Frozen Cooked Octopus: 540 days of shelf lifespan.