Boiled and Raw OctopusPulpo crudo

Our octopus (Octopus Vulgaris), is deep-frozen directly from its origin. The octopus is captured through the traditional method of fishing with traps, preserving the marine environment. Once it reaches the shore, our experts select the best specimens, transporting them to our freezing storage in Morocco, where the octopus is frozen and then transported to our facility in Palencia. You can buy these octopus in different formats: taco (from T0 to T3) and plate (from T3 to T8).
We also prepare our octopus in trays ranging from 700 grams to more than 4 kilos.

Raw Octopus
Hometown: Dakhla (Marruecos)
Quality Japan First
T0 Format: Taco
T3 Taco / Tray
T4 Format: Tray
Boiled Octopus
Hometown: Dakhla (Morocco)
Quality Japan First
+ 4 kg.
3 – 4 kg.
2 – 3 kg.
1 – 2 kg.
700 g. – 1 kg.











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