Boiled Octopus Carpaccio

Carpaccio de pulpo cocido Meripul presentación

The Meripul Boiled Octopus Carpaccio is one of the gourmet products of the brand. It is made ​​with the best raw material, octopus captured using the traditional method of pot fishing in the waters of Morocco, known for hosting the highest quality of octopus available on the market.

After itss capture, we start the process of preservation and preparation of the octopus, which usually culminates in obtaining a completely natural piece of Meripul Boiled Octopus, with no preservatives or additives and cooked using only boiled water, salt and bay leaf. But in the case of the Meripul Boiled Octopus Carpaccio, the process goes even further. The professionals who work in our facilities select the best boiled octopus legs and use them to make ​​our Meripul Boiled Octopus Carpaccio. This product is available in three different sizes, with different diameters and weights.

To make the product even easier to use, we designed a new format tray of Sliced ​​Boiled Octopus Carpaccio .


These are the formats Boiled Octopus Carpaccio we sell in Meripul:

Small Carpaccio Medium Carpaccio Large Carpaccio
Weight: 500 g. Weight: 1 kg. Weight: 1 kg.
 Carpaccio Pulpo Cocido Meripul Pequeño
 Carpaccio Pulpo Cocido Meripul Mediano Carpaccio Pulpo Cocido Meripul Grande
Boiled Octopus Carpaccio Meripul
Tray with 2 large slices Tray with 6 medium slices
weight: 50 grams weight: 100 grams
Carpaccio de pulpo cocido Meripul rodajas Carpaccio Pulpo Cocido Meripul 6 rodajas


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