Chopped Boiled Octopus

Our Chopped Boiled Octopus is extracted from the waters of Dakhla in Morocco, using the traditional method of pot fishing. Thus, in addition to caring for this Japanese Extra Quality octopus, we help preserve the marine environment.

Besides having the best raw material in what it refers to octopus, in Viveros Merimar we specialize in the most natural method of cooking: we boil our octopus with only water, salt and bay leaf.

In Viveros Merimar we created the brand Meripul of Cooked Octopus to provide our customers with this tasty product. This is the reason behind our different Meripul formats, among which is the Meripul Chopped Boiled Octopus, a ready-to-eat product preboiled in our facilities. On the other hand, to help the consumer find the product better suited to his needs, we adapt our formats the size of each piece of Meripul Chopped Boiled Octopus.

You can find the Meripul Chopped Boiled Octopus in different sizes:

Pulpo cocido troceado Meripul envase

Chopped Boiled Octopus

Small Size

Medium Size

Large Size


Pulpo cocido troceado medallón MeripulChopped Octopus - Medallion

This special format of Chopped Octopus has a larger diameter than the rest of Meripul Chopped Boiled Octopus formats.


Brocheta Medallón Pulpo Cocido Meripul

Boiled Octopus Medallion Skewer

Our seasonal Meripul Boiled Octopus Medallion Skewer is an ideal complement to any barbecue.

Brocheta Medallon Pulpo Cocido Meripul

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