Whole Boiled Octopus

Pulpo Cocido Entero Meripul

Our Boiled Octopus comes from the waters of Dakhla in Morocco, as all octopus boiled in Viveros Merimar. Our source ensures that it is an octopus of the highest standard available on the market, the Japanese Extra Quality.

The addition of our traditional cooking method, using only water, salt and bay leaf, to the finest quality octopus allows us to obtain an excellent boiled octopus. The Meripul Boiled Octopus is boiled without additives or preservatives… A 100% natural Boiled Octopus which is available in different sizes depending on its weight:


Whole Boiled Octopus
Pulpo Cocido Entero Meripul Envasado

+ 2,5 kg.

1,8 – 2,5 kg.

1 – 1,5 kg.

600 – 900 g.

300 – 500 g.

Medio Pulpo Cocido Meripul Envase


Half Boiled Octopus

Our Boiled Octopus is available both as Whole or Half.

Product page: Viveros Merimar Boiled Octopus (Whole or Half)