Viveros Merimar S.L. was founded at the start of the 90s by its current Director and owner¸ Conrado Merino Inyesto. However, our story goes back a long way before that.

The story begins in the 40s¸ when Teodora, Conrad´s paternal grandmother ran a small market stall of scarcely 9 m2 in the Plaza de Abastos of Palencia. In 1985 Conrado Merino took over this small stall and his total commitment and great vision of the future enabled him to firmly establish himself in the sector. However it was in 1991 when his personal project became the company VIVEROS MERIMAR. The next step was the decision to promote his own line of cooking, with cooked octopus being the star product.

The business has evolved and is expanding into international markets. In 2006 the company began attending and participating in principal international trade fairs, such as Foodtex in Tokio, Anuga in Germany or European Seafood in Brussels. Thanks to the work put into these fairs¸ Viveros Merimar products in general and especially MERIPUL cooked octopus, have obtained great acceptance in international markets. Over the years Viveros Merimar has successfully convinced more than 20 countries both in and out of the European Union to consume the products that leave its Palentine factory. The number of Viveros Merimar’s foreign market connections has continually increased as the result of intensive market investigation and hard work in the areas of I+D and commercial marketing.

This business trajectory has been recognised on various occasions with the company being awarded several prizes and
acknowledgements : The Bronze Medal inthe Field of Commerce of Palenciain 1997; The Gold Cecale 2003, The Gold Medal in the Field of Commerce of Palencia in 2006, The Palentine Certificate of Food.

But the story of Viveros Merimar continues and the almost 100 workers that make up this family co
mpany work day by day, striving to reach all set targets and writing new chapters in the family story.