As QUALITY is one of the fundamental aspects of our company, we are always trying to improve our products by looking for ways to maintain and optimise quality and customise it to the needs of our customers. To meet these goals we have set up a quality control group which continually strives to meet market demands.

Our Quality Department has qualified personnel working in our own laboratory. The three activities of this department are:

  • Quality control carried out in our laboratory through analysis of physical and chemical parameters in the different phases of the production process.
  • Quality management control carried out through the supervision of theAPPCC (analysis of dangers and critical control points).
  • Technological investment I+D+I. We give great importance to investment in I+D. Thanks to this investment in Investigation and Development we are continually introducing new packaging to the market, optimising it to meet the necessities of each product. We are always looking for both new processes of production and new machinery to facilitate and improve production.

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